Jumat, 31 Mei 2013

Javan Plover

By: Desi Ayu Triana
Javan Plover (Charadrius javanicus - Chasen, 1938)
Order: Charadriiformes. Family: Charadriidae. Scientific: Charadrius javanicus. English: Java Plover, Java Sand Plover, Javan Plover, Javan Sand Plover. Indonesian: Cerek Jawa (Avibase, 2003).

Saturday (30/3/13) I met a cute shorebird named Javan Plover at Marina in North Jakarta. It’s size looks like the Sooty-headed Bulbul’s but it has a pair of long legs because of its habitat. The legs are soft redish brown. On top head, it has soft brown colour but on its face and chin are white. At its neck, there’s such a necklace with soft brown colour. Its back is soft brown too but the rump is white. From the breast till its flanks have the same colour, white. Eyes and beak have black colour. It can fly but mostly walk on the mudflat for finding something to eat, worm I thought. C.javanicus has a narrow range in which development and recreation are putting pressure on critical breeding habitats. It’s likely to have a moderately small population, and this is thought to be declining. It’s consequently classified as Near Threatened (IUCN, 2012). The entire population of the Javan Plover has been estimated at about 2,000 individuals and the species is endemic to coastal habitats on the islands of Java and Kangean and possibly also on Bali (Centurioni 2010, Mackinnon et al.1998 in The occurrence of the Javan Plover Charadrius javanicus in Sumatra, Indonesia by Muhammad Iqbal, Iwan Febrianto, and Hilda Zulkifli, 2011). It’s native in Indonesia (IUCN, 2012), but not endemic in Java because M.Iqbal et.al confirmed it in Sumatera. Until recently it was believed Javan Plover was endemic to Java, but the species has recently been discovered on Sulawesi and Sumatra, and may possibly occur east of Java as well (Coates & Bishop 2000, Kennerley et al. 2008, White & Bruce 1986 in M.Iqbal et.al’s 2011). There is no previous fully validated report of Javan Plover in Sumatra (Andrew 1992, 1993, Holmes 1996, Kukila 2000, Mackinnon et al. 1998, Marle & Voous 1988, Sukmantoro et al. 2007 in M.Iqbal et.al’s 2011). for knowing its voice, you could hear it on xenocanto

Iqbal, Muhammad., Iwan Febrianto, and Hilda Zulkifli. 2011. The occurrence of the Javan Plover Charadrius javanicus in Sumatra, Indonesia. Palembang: waderstudygroup.





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